Really, Really Funny...

      (The Hustings) After the pleadings of thousands of our former readers, we have decided to start publication again, anyway. Our Editor, Riceweard d'Shwarma, having escaped from the cellar of the burning Bull Street psychotic ward, discovered his magic typewriter - the one that whispers in his ear - and has decided to make a come-back.
      Concurrent with d's escape is the 10 years of frustration in America caused by "stupidification", according to the editor.
      "I blame W's mishandling of his baseball team, FOUR new Godzilla movies, & the hiring of Orgeron at LSU," said Editor d'Schwarma. "You'd think that a simple Presidential election would cause people a chance to come together to straighten things out. But, Noooooooooo! The Rich Liberals are stinkin' up the place all over again! And I go away for a little RnR and Alabama is winning every frickin' football game."

      Assistant Editor Homer McSlavely added,"Look, whatever."
      This would have been McSlavely's 9th year in therapy and had been making really good progress before d'Schwarma's escape.
      "I'm also pissed off with the Babylon Bee, who've been using our format of completely false news reporting, with a witty eye toward irony and synecdoche - don't ask me what that means. I mean, life HAS BECOME irony.. you know what that does to my shirts?"
      So, like it or not, we're back. Here's what we did back from 2002 to 2009.
      Just don't get pushy.

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