Newly defrosted Neanderthal says Precedent (not a typo) Biden
is a racist and insulting to all pre-historic Hominids.

(The French Alps) Newly thawed-out pre-historic celebrity Ogg Oggison held a news conference today, viciously attacking Precedent (not a typo) Biden for his racial slur.

      "You kidding me? A New World slob like that jerk? He can't even tell you where his children are, and he thinks HE'S in control? What a schlemiel!" said the now-famous archeotype. "I mean, he's still got a pinecone stuck up his behind and won't pull it out!

      "Let's get real here. He's Irish, for gosh sakes!" continued the irate ancient,"Who has


more of our DNA than they do? Not to mention that we invented religion, music, weapons, bad breath, intersectionalism.. all of that! His guys were all Joey-come-latelies."

      Mr. Oggison, fresh from registering to vote for the 2022 mid-terms, will be speaking to a group of Elk (BPOE) sometime this week. There was some kerfuffle when he learned this was a group of men and not real elk.

      "I was really hungry, you know. . ."

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