Ex Vice President promises he really is serious about being honest...

(Same Hustings, only later) In an exclusive sneak interview, your intrepid reporter overheard a discussion of Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden talking to his son, Sweety-Pie.
     "Of course I can be honest!" he was heard to say. "I played honest for eight damn years. And lookit, man, you think Vice Presidential money is big cheese? C'mon, man. Wait'll you see Presidential cheese! You think my best friend, Barack, bought that nasty piece in the Hamptons - 30 acres, man - on his salary? That man never made 11 Big in his life!"
      The discussion occurred right after his 12 car rally. "I even got the Daily Mail thinking we had 30 cars, today," said the VP spaceman,"course, the Brits have turned a little dumb, lately - but that only helps us.
      "And Fund Raising, son. The hairs on my back are not enough to represent the number of times I've played honest. I got those horny yankee white women [and here, he paused to sniff] thinking I'm the honest one. Son, I can PLAY honest better than that car salesman.. ALWAYS fools 'em"

      It was at that moment that Sweetie-Pie stopped his father and said,"But, Daaaad! I'm already facing 20-30 in the pen! I mean we still got the CIA and the FBI in our pocket, but the NSA isn't ours, anymore. Even the FBI is starting to crumble."
      "SON! said his father, You can't worry about that. With me being President AND Acting honest, there's no way you'll go to the pokey. Here's six thousand - go get us a pizza."
      "um...... Dad...... who's that funny looking guy, over in the corner..... the one with the mask that says 'BUBBA SUCKS!"
      At this point the tape becomes garbled and running steps on gravel can be heard, followed by a couple of 9mm pistols firing.

Seven of the 12 cars and their occupants.

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