"There are NO unaccompanied miners
I got proof!"

These miners are obviously in good company!

(Collier, WV) - EXCLUSIVE - Jaws dropped wide open in Collier, West Virginia, as Precedent (not a typo) Biden actually said that he had proof that miners were not unaccompanied. Speaking from a padded room in the basement of the White House, Brainless Joe said he had visible proof.

     "And I'll punch you in the nose, President Eisenhower, if you disagree with me!" said Biden. "I will sprout wings and fly up your pony soldier, you generalizing cracker-croaker!"

        As a secret member of the Vote for Me or You're Not Black Society, the Precedent (not a typo) has access to "special photographs" of the society's CWP (clod without portfolio), Loogie (Goodtimes) Kawasaki, a dual citizen of Ireland and Atlanta. The one photograph we were allowed to see did, indeed, contain pictures of miners, hanging out with other miners. (see above)


        Mr. Kawasaki was tracked down at the Bang-Bang-Fang-Fang Body Shop & Epstein Island Massage Parlor near the Jersey Shore. We asked Mr. Kawasaki why people mispronounced his name and if so, WHY he shared the photos with the Precedent (not a typo).

       "Money," he said. "Well, money and a permanent gig on Colbert. I could have asked for a gig with The Good Doctor, but I didn't want to do comedy. Whadda YOU think?"

       We replied that WAKKED.COM doesn't judge.

       Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors continue to flow into the US in hopes of a new life which includes keeping legal American minorities from low-skill jobs.

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